IT Assessment and Planning

We work with you to learn and understand your operating challenges, goals, and expectations in order to customize a technology plan to fit your objectives and budget.

Your technology plan will lay the foundation of your organization’s success by creating an efficient and flexible network environment while reducing costs.

To ensure this plan is always properly focused, your business goals and objectives will be the heart of your technology plan. From there, we will construct a comprehensive strategy including

  • A staff skill assessment to determine areas of untapped knowledge and resources while finding opportunities for individual or group staff training
  • A current technology picture, the future vision of your technology, and clear goals needed to attain that future.
  • An overview of internal policies and procedures related to security, business continuity planning and employee education in technology.
  • A prioritized plan to implement your organization’s needs deemed most critical due to their possibility of severely impeding or even completely obstructing key activities and/or business from being realized.
  • A review of hardware and data fault tolerance with an eye towards keeping your business ready to meet your disaster recovery plans.
  • Efficiency improvements and cost reduction suggestions.
  • Scheduled maintenance plans for hardware and software including upgrades and end of life replacement schedules.
  • An evaluation and reworking schedule to ensure your technology plan is continuously on track with your technology goals and needs.